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Service Items

  • International Trade International Trade Continuously develop import and export trade, mainly engaged in labor insurance supplies, hardware tools, abrasives, sheets, building ceramics and other products are exported to Russia, Europe, Southeast Asia, South America and Africa and other countries and regions.
  • International freight forwarding agent International freight forwarding agent My company long-term to maintain good cooperation with the major transport companies, can be at any time to deploy a first-class performance, a full range of professional transport vehicles. Enable customers to invest at the lowest cost, get the most value of return.
  • Import and Export agent Import and Export agent The company has a number of business proficiency, excellent quality of foreign trade staff, will be dedicated to the region, outside the right to import and export enterprises do not have the right to provide high-quality, efficient import and export agency business, such as buy, pay sinks, special merchandise import and export licensing, international trade consulting.
  • Warehousing and Logistics Warehousing and Logistics Manzhouli Border Warehouse, Russian line
  • Customs inspection Customs inspection For the import and export companies, business agent exporter of customs clearance, inspection, air transport agents and related services
  • Large-scale chemical equipment, technology import and export Large-scale chemical equipment, technology import and export Various large-scale machinery and equipment, technology import and export
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