Linyi mall project material market display service center of

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  On the morning of the 28th, Shandong Province, the market procurement trade promotion and Linyi mall project material market service center opening ceremony held, marking the Linyi Mall based in Linyi, for the province's international engineering materials collection for the platform was officially opened.

     Linyi mall project material market display service center a project, operating space 20,000 square meters, set the main market concentration, export products, one-stop service and other functions in one, is the supplier, agents and buyers of foreign trade Service integrated platform. The display service center has six functional areas, including reception service area, commodity display area, business office area, leisure negotiation area, conference center and market office area. Show service center there are ten major service window, including consulting, reception, shopping guide, freight forwarding, documents, translation, exhibition, finance, hosting, training.

     It is reported that since the Linyi mall project material market was approved to carry out the pilot, the level of trade facilitation has been improved, the network information platform functions continue to improve, pilot policy publicity and training continue to strengthen the display service center investment in full swing, this year from January to August total exports 2760 Ticket, the value of 165 million US dollars, Linyi also focus on creating the country's influential specialization, characteristics, international new market, and actively do a good job, "on-line, drainage, multi-point release" and other key work. The future, Linyi City will be the market procurement trade promotion and mall project materials market service center opened as an opportunity to play a pilot advantage and platform role, and strengthen the brothers and cities, enterprises and overseas buyers exchanges and cooperation, and actively introduce Economic and trade negotiations, efforts to cultivate a new format, and strive to enhance the level of foreign trade development, economic and cultural construction for the province to make due contributions.