Linyi Mall border warehouse is about to open operation!

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Recently, Linyi Mall Manchuria 001 border warehouse is about to open operations, Shandong longitudinal international trade company Lee accepted the Manchuria television interview!

     Shandong runs through International Trade Co., Ltd., belonging to Shandong Dongli Group. Dongli Group industry covers plastic pipe industry, logistics, finance, e-commerce, high-grade mahogany furniture, hospitals, gas stations and other business plate. In 2005, the company founded JinDa International Logistics Park in Manchuria Comprehensive Bonded Zone, covering an area of 140 mu, with a total investment of 200 million yuan, 2016 yuan, and the company's investment in Linyi Mall. Year Jinda warehousing logistics park to upgrade to China Linyi Mall in the territory of 001 border warehouse, the city government focus on supporting enterprises. The company mainly relies on China Linyi Mall Manchuria border warehouse and Manchuria in the Sino-Russian trade zone, to overseas display and sales of China's Linyi Mall advantage of goods for the introduction of Linyi market demand for foreign advanced technology and best-selling goods.

     Located in Manzhouli comprehensive bonded area of China Linyi Mall (Manchuria) border warehouse will be officially launched on the 24th of this month, when more than 40 enterprises in Linyi will be more than 14 categories of more than 4,000 kinds of goods in the exhibition hall to show. At the same time, in order to achieve the line of goods and offline line, the border warehouse B2B cross-border electricity business platform "Oriental cloud purchase" will also be on the line.

     The project land area of 93104.51 square meters, the entire logistics park is divided into five functional areas, namely high-tech product processing area, high-tech product storage area, information distribution center (rapid transit area), information electronic commerce integrated office area, container The The project mainly builds five standardized three-dimensional automatic storage (high-tech processing workshop), an information distribution center (rapid transit library), an information business comprehensive office building, supporting the construction of container yard 20,000 square meters.